Our Story

Welcome to HealthyHome, where our perspective on "home" is truly unique. For us, it’s defined as your first and forever home—your body! We see you, living in the hustle and bustle of this crazy thing we call life. We understand it's no simple task to maintain your well-being, care for your family, and create a toxin-free home for your loved ones. That's why we founded HealthyHome – to simplify your journey to a stronger, more youthful you.

Our commitment to a healthy home doesn't stop here. We aspire to provide safe, effective solutions for the entire family and the entire home. We envision a world where HealthyHome is a household name known for its innovative product formulas that support every part of our lives.

We believe that by healing one person—and one home—at a time, together, we can change the world.

Smart Science, Brilliant Results

Welcome to innovative product formulas. Aging is a natural process that happens deep within your body's cells, leading to DNA damage, oxidative stress, and collagen loss. Our advanced product formulas specifically target the cellular level, working to renew and restore your cells. The result? A more youthful and energetic version of you.

No Fuss, All Trust

Welcome to safe, effective ingredients. No fillers, no synthetics—just carefully selected ingredients proven by science. With your well-being in mind, we deliver science-backed formulas with ingredients that are not only safe but also highly effective.






Quality Crafted, Third-Party Validated

Welcome to premium quality standards. You deserve nothing but the best, which is why we produce our products exclusively in certified facilities. Then, each product undergoes strict third-party quality testing to ensure it meets the highest standards. Need proof? Check out our quality certifications.


Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations as established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. cGMPs provide for systems that ensure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.


The product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification companies in existence today, NSF, with a focus on ensuring public health, safety, and environmental quality.


The U.S. Pharmacopeia monitors uniform preparations for the most commonly used drugs and supplements, with tests to ensure their quality, potency, and purity. The USP Verified Mark on a dietary supplement label confirms that what’s on the label is in the bottle, and it allows consumers and healthcare professionals to choose supplements with confidence.


Meet Our Team

Steve Perkins

Founder & CEO

A long-term sales strategist in the health and wellness industry, Steve Perkins has built a career in leading nutritional companies into massive growth phases. Steve’s passion for field partnership and product innovation has led him to successfully grow large publicly traded companies as well as drive start-up businesses to over $250M in sales.

Steve’s 18 years of experience has taught him that having passion and a dream can change lives.

Steve lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his lovely wife of 20+ years. He loves attending his son’s baseball game, daughter’s dance recital, or reading a good book.

Dean De Grasse


A born Entrepreneur and industry icon, Dean believes in putting himself second and others first. This philosophy that helped him create 435 Diamond level ranks under his leadership.

When Dean is not traveling the world creating awareness for health and wellness, he can be found grounding himself in nature and helping preserve the earth. His love for animals and passion for fitness brings him balance.

Dean believes “Every family deserves a better quality of life”.

Amber De Grasse, PhD


Dr. Amber’s passion has been in health and wellness for over 25 years as both an educator and a student. As a global influencer on healing ones mental and physical well-being, her dedication to nutrition has touched millions of lives globally.

Amber has followed her dreams of traveling the world and immersing herself in sacred spaces, meditating in temples, studying longevity, energy medicine, and healing.

Amber’s life mission is to help others have a Healthy Home. “Our body is the only place we have to live there’s no greater gift than to give the gift of health.”

Jarom Dastrup

Chief Sales Officer

For over two decades, Jarom Dastrup has been passionately engaged in the people growing business.

From leading large sales teams and organizations to scaling internationally business, he has a proven track record of consistency and growth. The last ten years he has served on leadership executive teams as well as C-suite level positions.

Jarom has a relentless desire to serve and build those around him. Focusing on helping others nourish their physical and emotional health, Jarom's vision for living and promoting a happy life lives deep within his heart.

Jarom and his wife Jill are the parents of four children. Their family hobbies include, boating, snow skiing, riding motorcycles and anything that involves the beach.